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  • Feb. 4, 2019


A UK tour is soon to be announced for an artist used to playing as an accompaniment in star studded concerts, Kitha Balakrishan has put together a repertoire musical arranged piece to perform as solo artist.

An artist used to playing as an accompaniment in star studded concerts, Kitha Balakrishnan is now putting together a repertoire musical arrangement portfolio to perform as solo artist.

The Infinite Road is a new 90 min carnatic violin concert piece bringing Kitha Balakrishna exploring her identity and journey within, and of her genre. I am seeking a mindset in which I am released from the conventional rigid structure and expectation of recital and appreciation of ‘how well can I play my instrument technically’ and instead I want to explore expression and making statements/”

This approach could be considered rare and against the convention, but making her statement is high on her mind

In the piece I will be using highly established notes and ornamentations (gamakams), but apply them to a non-traditional structure. I want to use traditional structure to draw the familiarity and convention, but I swiftly move away with progressions of notes that transpose me to my own reference – where I aim to engage the listener. I will use the meanings, stories and symbolism behind Carnatic music to portray a musical journey so that the listener is not only engaged in the movement, but also enlightened through the process”

Developed by zerOclassikal, Infinite Rd started as a work in progress showcasing at Tara Theatre as part of the carnatic music series last year. Since then a number of venues/ organisations have picked it up for their autumn 19 and spring 2020 seasons.

zerOclassikal is further supporting Kitha with funding bids including PRS, ACE and various trusts and foundations.

Project Blog to follow.