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  • Dec. 3, 2018

Autumn series loaded with double – bills

We are excited to announce we have loaded our monthly experimental showcase for a radical approach to south Asian Classical music with double - bills for the Autumn season.

Taking place on the last Wednesday of the month at Karamel Club, London, the project offers the best of nextgen south Asian classical music talent!

The first session features two beautiful stringed instruments often referred to as cousins from the North and South – the Sitar and Veena.

September 28th

Raaheel Husain – Sitar
Pavithra & Mayooran – Veena

Pavithra Logitharajah and Mayooran Kandhasamy present a Carnatic veena duet exploring a variety of sounds, range and ragas on this beautiful and delicate instrument. Two extremely talented artists, with impeccable technique and command over their gamakas bring out the best of their instruments, bringing with it their own high energy.

A creative and gifted London-based musician, Raaheel Husain performs an evening of Hindustani classical music on the well-known and distinctively sounding Sitar. As he travels through a range of composition structure and technique, Raaheel produces his own unique style on this instrument.

October 26th 

Asha McCarthy – Cello
Kitha Nadarajah, Yad Selvakumar & Raam Jeganathan – VVV

The second session explores the way instrumentation can affect the sounds of a performance within South Asian Classical music. From solo to trios, an exciting night of the two main styles of Indian Classical music.

Coming from a background of Western classical music, Asha McCarthy performs a full Hindustani classical set on the Cello, a beautifully deep instrument with a distinctive and all-encompassing sound. This is a rare opportunity to experience the various structures of Hindustani classical music translated onto a Western instrument through unique technique.

Three extremely talented British musicians come together to perform an exciting trio of Violin, Venu (Flute) and Veena. Exploring the timbre in performance from three prominent instruments within the South Indian tradition, each musician portrays their own strengths on their instrument whilst also combining together to create an exciting array of sounds.

November 30th 

Kaviraj Singh Dhadyalla – Santoor & Vocal
Aravindhan Baheerathan – Flute

Solo performances feature in this session with the versatile and multi-talented artist Kaviraj Singh Dhadyalla presenting a Hindustani classical repertoire with a slight modern twist. In this concert, he experiments with diverse sounds whilst showcasing a combination of impeccable vocals and virtuosity on the santoor.

Kaviraj will be followed by the exciting and proficient artist, Aravindhan Baheerathan platforming a Carnatic session on the Flute presenting a repertoire of wide ranging compositions that gives the audience an insight into the complexities of Carnatic music.