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You&Me & ManChild

Double Bill of Short Kathak dance pieces, thematic from a south Asian feminist perspective, written & choreographed by AMINA KHAYYAM on emerging Kathak dancers taking over the three spaces at Rich Mix. MANCHILD – An exploration of the growing existentialism of the South Asian male in

Badaal Dvaar Se Nazar

Baadal Dvaar se Nazar explores both tradition and solitude through the dhrupad idiom on the sarod, and openness and experimentation through explorations of consonance, dissonance, harmony, timbre, and resonance on the viola. Inspired by the soundtracks of the films of Mani Kaul, the piece is


This new work by Jonathan Mayer is a concept of a string quartet, which is not a new one and even one incorporating Indian music is not new either. However, replacing the standard x2 violins, viola & cello with x2 sitars, sarod & sarangi, it


Four different stories in Four different places, each developed from the ‘local’ told through Kathak and physical theatre for a compelling exploration of mental health.  A unique regional project exploring and giving voice to issues of mental health in communities when there is no word to describe it, where

My Grandad & I…

“Many, many, years ago, when the Sikhs first came to our country, they had to cut off their hair to get a job... I didn’t know that! One of them was my grandad, who had got himself a job driving buses, but when he turned


A heresy to burn a book, but acceptable to burn a woman...  A bold dance-theatre featuring Amina Khayyam using ang abhinaya, A THOUSAND FACES subverts imagery of Bollywood beauty and Hollywood glamour to explore the objectification of women in indiscriminate abuse and violence. Abhinaya is part of