Zeroplus / Our Shows

A Theatre In Education company that brings creative, dynamic and high quality productions firing the imagination and provoking the minds of young audiences.  Our work is based on original storytelling from the British south Asian sector, that adds nurturing perspectives to the national education curriculum. We use sensory, visual dramatic devices with evocative music to create simple engaging and accessible theatre. Our stories offer new, fresh and different perspectives to historical subjects as well as issues currently challenged by community cohesions. We wish to impress upon young minds our rich shared heritages that make up and resonate the cultural diversity of our communities.

We make our work with a capability to adapt to any appropriate space touring it nationally and internationally to schools, theatre venues, community centres, places of worship, festivals, museums and melas. Our productions are packaged with workshops and education packs at affordable prices.


My Grandad & I …

My Grandad and I… is a moving and touching story told through the eyes of nine year old Sikh boy, Tarsem, who faces intimidating and bullying issues for wearing the turban.


To mark the centenary of the First World War,  ‘ALL OUR HEROES’ explores the stories and perspectives of men from the Indian sub-continent who left their homes and families to fight for the British Raj in continents far, far away. Performed by a talented cast that bring physical theatre, verbatim accounts and vibrant story telling, ALL

The Maharajah & Kohinoor

Before it became part of the Crown Jewels, the Kohinoor diamond had many keepers, many Kings and many Emperors but there was one who was very special… The young
 Maharajah, Duleep Singh of Punjab, India. Separated from his mother and deposed from his throne by the British at the age of eleven, the last emperor