Zeroplus / Touring

Touring is the heart of zeroPlus Theatre. Its emergence owes to the need and want to take high quality theatre in education to venues and spaces that are hard to reach and least engaged with creative and artistic expression  We are currently booking for our new show – After The War – available from May 2019 to July 2020, for which we will soon be listing dates here… We also continue to take bookings for The Maharajah & Kohinoor – which is in its 11th year of touring



A new theatre project in development exploring the return of Indian soldiers after the Great War of 1914 From 2014 to 2018, we all marked 100 years of World War 1 in various manners – from deep emotional testimonies invoking the horrors of millions who lost their lives to learning  the contribution of ‘overseas’ soldiers


Our acclaimed show on British Empire which has been touring since 2008 with over 150 shows! Before it became part of the Crown Jewels, the Kohinoor diamond had many keepers, many Kings and many Emperors but there was one who was very special… The young Maharajah, Duleep Singh of Punjab, India.