Davinder's Story / SHINE DUGGAL


The artist uses the lens to capture beyond the visual, deconstructing the emotional layers of the narrative through a stylised portrayal of the real referent. Fusing digital media with slow movement shots to a backdrop of speeded up voice designed to emphasise the pain and panic endured on Davinder’s journey and disorientate the viewer to give a physical sense of her experience.


Shine is a creative conceptual practitioner using a range of disciplines to present and explore social and cultural issues. She uses film and photography to navigate and deconstruct the real referent. Her style as a director producer is rooted in telling the human story through a multi layered creative narrative using digital media, moving and still image alongside sound. She is a multi skilled versatile creative who merges art forms and experience to create pieces of work that can be accessed by a wide audience. Her background in theatre direction, music video production and as a creative producer enables her to develop creative outputs through a range of multifaceted perspectives.


To The Prospect

In collaboration with AGENT