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  • zeroplus Theatre
  • Jan. 25, 2019


Zeroplus theatre received great reviews and feedback on our first day of shows at EBN Referral Unit in the morning and Palfrey Girls School Walsall in the afternoon.

Playing to mixed years at EBN in a tight space at the Castle Vale site, the students engaged in the performance and demonstrated great interest in the subject of the issue in the after-show QA.

It was a great show. Very informative and engaging …really wished the whole school could watch it”.

 The teacher further noted — ” a great personable way of learning”  Sandy Chaggar, EBN

In the afternoon, the company travelled to Palfrey Girls School – where teachers expressed great enthusiasm on how pupils engaged with the show and workshop that followed it,

” The Children enjoyed it and learnt how. . Sikhs overcame struggle” – Firoza Kholwadia, Headteacher.

Such feedback helped the company to explore the show on different levels, setting them up with confidence for the rest of the tour.