Many, many, years ago, when the Sikhs first came to our country, they had to cut off their hair to get a job… I didn’t know that! One of them was my grandad, who had got himself a job driving buses, but when he turned up on his first day, he was asked to take his turban off and cut his hair…Poor Grandad. He of course refused. So his employers wouldn’t let him work..My Grandad and I.. had no choice but to take the bus people to court, but the judge wasn’t listening… What could he do…?’
My Grandad and I… is a moving and touching story told through the eyes of a nine year old Sikh boy called Tarsem, who faces intimidating and bullying issues, himself, for wearing the turban. Through charting the experience of his Grandad, our story unfolds Tarsem being inspired by him to face up to his own ‘fight’…What’s My Grandad and I.. about?

My Grandad and I… is about the experience of the first generation different faith based ethnic migrant communities to the UK, who faced difficult attitudes from the British public, despite being brought over by their government from the commonwealth countries’ to fill the labour shortages in factories, mills and other
manual jobs.

The Sikhs, particularly with their unshorn hair and wearing of turbans, confronted the most hostile attitudes as they found themselves having to cut their hair in order to mix into the work situations. It was only after the defiant and exhaustive stand by a few individuals who took their fight to the House of Lords, that attitudes changed.