Rich Mix London invites the zerOclassikal project to showcase nextgen South Asian classical music by the best of British talent!

The zerOclassikal project brings a one-off special concert to Rich Mix showcasing distinguished British talent of the next generation coming together to create, arrange and perform new and exciting music! The night will be filled with ragas, improvisations, harmonies, grooves, reflecting traditional and contemporary South Asian classical music. From the bass tones of the Veena and Miruthangam through to the more well-known sounds of Sitar and Tabla, this evening brings together the distinct flavours of South Asian classical music onto one unique stage.

Expect an evening of live music filled with a variety of pieces showcasing how South Asian classical music is developing here in the UK. Bringing musicians of both Carnatic and Hindustani traditions to represent their own take on the classical, and introducing new work that reflects their own journeys through music.

‘One only has to attend a Zeroclassikal concert to see that the musicians play with a different level of freedom because they are provided with a specific platform to do so.’ – Rishii Chowdhury

The zerOclassikal project – promotes next generation South Asian classical musicianship in the UK through supporting British talent and creating platforms to showcase, experiment and radicalise the genre.