The Wizard of the Moon

The Wizard of the Moon

When the Wizard shows off his new rocket to his family, it accidentally takes off to the Moon with his mother in it. He and the children are in a race against time to rescue her so she can keep her appointment at the hairdresser. When they reach the Moon, they encounter strange Moon People and Evil Robots and the Moon leader King Kookie.

Will they be able to save the Wizard’s Mother or does the King have other plans for them?

Tour Dates

Patidar Theatre

April 16, 2017

Wembley, London

Cranford Artta

April 30, 2017

Hounslow, London



Created and performed by Rez Kabir from workshops at Cranford Community College



Commissioned & Produced by Hardial S. Rai for The Artta with funding support from The Arts Council of England & Storyland