In a makeshift shelter under a concrete motorway bridge – KAM brings medicine to JORRA who huddles up from the cold – feverish and shivering. They live there amongst a colony of other migrant men who have illegal status in the UK.  

Jorra is worried that his fever is not subsidising – its been days and his ‘present contractor’ he works for on a daily basis hasn’t paid him for weeks, saying that he has lost money from the present contract and he would pay from the next. He is also worried that he hasn’t sent any money back to his parents who sold their land to send him to UK through the illegal route of ‘agents’…

Agent is a gritty multi-disciplinary theatre piece about human trafficking from the Indian sub-continent using verbatim accounts of young men and women offering insight into this emotive issue from the perspective of victims – with their hopes, dreams and expectations. Equally the piece presents the voices of ‘agents’ – their motivation to profit from such suffering.

Developed by the Seefr Project  – a project aiming to professionalise South Asian and African vernacular language theatre activity, Agent is also presented as part of zeroculture’s To The Prospect – a year long digitally driven project featuring verbatim accounts and narratives on issues of human economic trafficking from countries such as the Indian sub-continent and from sub-sahara Africa.


Tour Dates

Rich Mix

21 Feb 2016


Cranford Artta

30 April 2016


Hat Factory

31 Apr 2016