This new work by Jonathan Mayer is a concept of a string quartet, which is not a new one and even one incorporating Indian music is not new either. However, replacing the standard x2 violins, viola & cello with x2 sitars, sarod & sarangi, it will create a new sound not heard before. It aims to push the boundaries of contemporary Indian classical music, challenging the improvised based and homophonic nature with polyphonic textures, but keeping the essence of the raga structure.

The 40 min work feature Jonathan Mayer on main sitar joined by highly skilled and accomplished Indian classical musicianship of William Rees Hofmann on sarod, Sky Award artist Jasdeep Singh on second sitar and Surjit Singh on sarangi.


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Composition: Jonathan Mayer

Musicians ; Surjit Singh, Jasdeep Singh Degun, William Rees Hoffman and Jonathan Mayer



zerOclassikal /The Artta with Brunel Arts

Supported by Arts Council of England, Radcliffe Trust and The Artta