She never wears make up. She never goes out. She never wears her hair down… and she never wears a red shaari… Walk away, walk away now…

Selected for ROH2 Firsts 2007, Laal Shaari is a compelling tale of a woman denied the most important thing as a young bride – a Laal Shaari (a red dress).

The production – a collaboration between Amina Khayyam and Ajay Kumar explored the theatricalisation of the classical Indian dance form of Kathak, rethinking it through a process of deconstruction of tatkar, bhav and abhinaya, and engaged a sceneography working with the notion of emptiness as presence.

Presented as a double bill with After Cut Glass by Seeta Patel

Tour Dates

mac birmingham,

16 March 2007



16 Mar 2007


Royal Opera House, London



Performer: Amina Khayyam

Concept: Amina Khayyam & zeroculture

Director: Ajaykumar

Music Collaboration & Tabla: Debasish Mukharjee

Music Collaboration and Vocal: Lucy Rahman & Tofail Ahmed

Costume: Shaheda Choudhury

Original Research & Development into Choreography: Sushmita Ghosh & Amina Khayyam

Original Music Composer: Faheem Mazhar



Production Manager: Stuart Walton

Metal Frame Box Composition by visual artist: Jonathan Polkest

Stills Photography: Simon Richardson

zeroculture production in association with mac birmingham and ArtsDepot for Amina Khayyam with support from Arts Council of England