Storyland Festival 14

Storyland Festival 14

Hounslow basked once again in stories as StoryLand Festival returned with the second south Asian storytelling Festival.

Once again StoryLand brought UK’s foremost storytellers to Hounslow such as – Peter Chand, Roop Singh, Vayu Naidu Co, Rez Kabir, Seema Anand and Tell Tale as well as zeroPlus Theatre, while master class workshops brought new local storytellers such as Parranthaman Balasubramaniam and Shaida Mehrban who was given residency at the Ekta Group.


StoryLand has been a collective of south Asian story- tellers based in West London (Hounslow, Southall and Hayes,) working in that community for over three decades in both formal and informal settings to champion and preserve the rich oral traditions of story-telling.



Curated by Hardial S. Rai.

StoryTellers: Peter Chand, Roop Singh, Rez Kabir, Seema Anand, Shaida Mehrban, Beant Sachar, Tell Tale, zeroPlus Theatre, AKDC, Rani Nagulndram, Brij Haldania, Kiran Purohit, Nishi Malhotra and The Truth.


Co-ordinated by Satish Dutt

Produced by Hardial S. Rai for StoryLand in partnership with Cranford Community College, The Artta with funding support from Arts Council of England & zeroculture.