A most illustrious episode of British colonial history...

Before it became part of the Crown Jewels, the Kohinoor diamond had many keepers, many Kings and many Emperors but there was one who was very special… The young
 Maharajah, Duleep Singh of Punjab, India.

Separated from his mother and deposed from his throne by the British at the age of eleven, the last emperor of the Sikhs is brought to England where he finds an unlikely but loyal friend in Queen Victoria.

A true tale of empire, war, friendship and betrayal for all the family – of how the dynamic diamond came to be set in Queen Victoria’s crown. It has been met with glowing reviews as a story, which goes straight to our hearts!


“Story telling at its best ... One of the festival’s finest theatrical moments.”

Stratford Herald 2012

“It is subject matter which the writer has beautifully crafted into a story.”

Stratford Fringe

“The Maharajah & the Kohinoor was a fantastic success and we were absolutely thrilled with the response from families. I was particularly pleased with the performers' skills in inspiring audience participation.”

V&A Museum

“A dynamic production.. for family audiences.”

The Courier 2011



Writer: Hardial S. Rai

Director: Harmage S. Kalirai

Designers: Emma Thompson, Oliver Shapeley and Harmage S. Kalirai

Music: Raju Mali

Costumes: Sharanpal Jeetley, Emma Thompson, Shaheda Choudhary and Costumia

Pool Cast: Dharmender Singh, Dan McGarry, Katerina Puskin, Sarah Ibrahim, Taresh Solanki, Emma Sian-Cooper, Joey Prasad, Liam Nooney, Chandni Mistry, Shammi Aulakh, Glenn Tillin, Rhiannon Barker, Rez Kabir, Sanjiv Hare.



zeroPlus Theatre in a co-production with The Drum (Birmingham) and The Artta