You&Me & ManChild

You&Me & ManChild

Double Bill of Short Kathak dance pieces, thematic from a south Asian feminist perspective, written & choreographed by AMINA KHAYYAM on emerging Kathak dancers taking over the three spaces at Rich Mix.

MANCHILD – An exploration of the growing existentialism of the South Asian male in face of the challenging economically and emotionally strong South Asian woman. Meera Patel in a solo piece, expresses the feminist aftermath of a beautiful, aspiring, ‘as good as on a silver screen’ relationship gone sour.

YOU&ME – In a same sex relationship, Raheem Mir plays the ordinary London-esque guy wrestling to confront all that, that prevents him to be with his lover… in a duet with Vlad Troncea.

Tour Dates

Rich Mix, London

18/19 Mar 2022


"Funny, cheeky and sexy, beautifully performed, it was thoroughly enjoyable"

You&Me Sanjeevna Dutta, PULSE

"...convincing in the simplicity of the telling"

ManChild, Sanjeevna Dutta, PULSE



story & choreography: Amina Khayyam,

performers: Meera Patel, Raheem Mir, Vlad Troncea;

musicians: Debasish Mukherjee (tabla), Jonathan Mayer (sitar, subahar, Iain McHugh (cello), Nimrita Kaur Rasiya (vocal on ManChild)

costume: Abeda Begum.

dramaturgy: Hardial S.Rai

lighting design: Clare O’Donoghue on Manchild, Paul Micah on You&Me



sound: Shawn George, Dhaivat Thakkar

lighting – Alex Farrow

production : Neran Persaud, Suneeda Mathiriyil, Morgan Buckley